Through innovative, evidence-based solutions, Movement Performance Solutions educates & trains movement focussed professionals to better understand, prevent & manage musculoskeletal injury & pain that can impair movement & compromise performance in their patients, players & clients.

Kinetic Control delivers a comprehensive system for physiotherapists, physical & manual therapists & other health professionals dealing with patients with pain & disablement; our series of courses & education products can help you manage uncontrolled movement.

TPM Pro (The Performance Matrix): A complete, elite movement management system used by Southampton FC & TPM Pro clinics around the world to attain & maintain Movement Health. Assess, analyse, & address.

Finding & restoring the movement choices you didn't know you'd lost.   

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Our book Kinetic Control: The Management of Uncontrolled Movement by Mark Comerford & Sarah Mottram is available here.

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The Performance Matrix

TPM Pro: A complete, elite movement management system as used by Southampton Football Club & TPM Pro clinics around the world.


Kinetic Control

Provides an evidence based process for the assessment and retraining of uncontrolled movement.

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Kinetic Control Testing & Exercise Catalogue

Comerford & Mottram release the Kinetic Control Online Testing & Exercise Catalogue.  

Online learning from MPS

Psoas Major: Uncovering the Evidence 

The Truth About Transversus:Clinical Application of the Research 

Trapezius: Clearing Up The Confusion 

 • Movement Retraining: Breaking Down the Complexities - a collection of seven videos

Understanding Muscle Function: How this can Direct Training - 
Movement retraining - Underpin your strategies with functional science!

Kinetic Control: Exploring Uncontrolled Movement - a four hour interactive module detailing the basis to the Kinetic Control process

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The Kinetic Control Blog

The Performance Matrix Blog

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Kinetic Control The Performance Matrix
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